So you want to have a deeper understanding of hormonal birth control...

Well, you're in the right place 😉

Do you have questions like...

How does hormonal birth control *actually* impact my body?

What is post-birth control syndome?

When do I need to come off of hormonal birth control?

Do I actually need to be on hormonal birth control to fix my period problems?

I've been on birth control for so long... what am I like without it?


A 3-video masterclass giving you the ins-and-outs of hormonal birth control and how it works in the body

Hey queen, I’m Calee Shea!

I’m a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and I’ve worked with hundreds of womxn to help them make educated choices about how they take care of their bodies. 

But trust me, I was NOT born with this skillset. 

In 2015 I was working tirelessly to heal my body after coming off of hormonal birth control. 

I had every symptom of post-birth control syndrome - the acne, hair loss, weight fluctuations, mood swings, painful periods - you name it, I dealt with it.

Through my journey of learning how to heal my body post-HBC, I realized two things:
1) Recovering from HBC doesn't have to be hard
2) I was not alone in my journey

I became passionate about educating womxn on the effects of HBC and how it works in the body and equipping them with the tools they need to help their bodies recover post-HBC.

And this masterclass is bringing you *all* of the education on what HBC does to the body and how you can start taking care of yourself if you do want to come off...


This was originally taught as a live 3-day masterclass and was a HUGE hit! I've taken those videos + added bonus supplementary materials to create this!

Inside of this course, you're getting access to all 3 days AND some bonus materials...

DAY 1: HBC 101
✅ Set the stage for our hormones + understanding the basics
✅ Understanding hormonal birth control + our bodies on it
✅ What happens when we come off of it + why we get crazy symptoms

✅ What the gut actually is
✅ How hormonal birth control works in relation to our gut
✅ Nutrient deficiencies + how to look for them
✅ Supporting yourself if you want to get pregnant

✅ Inflammation
✅ Toxins
✅ Your action steps + how to implement this material

✅ Natural Birth Control Methods
✅ Your Guide To HBC


When does this start? When do you get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced program you have instant access to all of the materials. You can go through this as slowly or as quickly as you need!

What is the time commitment?

This was taught in a 3 day masterclass format but you can go through it in a little under 3 hours total!

How is this different from your Breaking Up With HBC Course?

This is the masterclass that inspired that course! The Breaking Up With HBC course is a step-by-step protocol that has helped my clients ditch HBC seamlessly. The goal of this HBC Masterclass is to educate you on how HBC impacts your body, your options if you want to come off, and what you need to know to begin that journey.
You are given a discount code inside of this masterclass if you decide you'd like to follow my step-by-step protocol inside of Breaking Up With HBC!

Is there anyone who shouldn't join this program?

Nope! This program is about education and giving you a starting point, so this can be helpful for anyone at any stage in their journey!