Your body WANTS you to feel good.

*This* is where it starts. 

Hormone Bootcamp is a self-study program designed to teach you the tools to take control of your hormone health, regulate your cycle, and say yes to your life without worrying about mood swings, bleed throughs, or unwanted PMS symptoms.

What if in 100 days, you felt:

  • Radiant with glowy skin, healthy hair, and an “I woke up like this!” attitude
  • ​Normal when you realize you’re on your period and don’t have ANY symptoms! 🙌🏻
  • ​Confident & secure in your contraceptive or conception choice
  • ​Unstoppable because you made a commitment to your health and took charge of your body

What you do today, impacts your period in 100 days.

Hormone Bootcamp makes taking care of your body & hormones easy so you:

  • Don’t have to dread hormone fluctuations
  • Can stop putting your period health on hold
  • Know exactly what to do, how to act (& how to eat) to feel your fucking sexiest every day of the month

What my clients are saying


(Formerly Period Bootcamp)

A step-by-step process to help you understand your body, discover what it means to heal your hormone + gut health, and create sustainable habits that won’t disrupt your life.

You will learn absolutely EVERYTHING you want to know about healing hormonal imbalances and gut health.

Over the course of 5 weeks, weekly content will be released and made available to you in your course dashboard. In addition to the video modules, you’ll also have access to resources and bonuses around: habit building, nutrition for hormones, stress management, connection to your body, energy work, and more.


We kick off Module 1 by setting the tone for success. We talk about accountability, expectations, and how to set healthy goals. When all of this is said and done, you need a solid foundation and a WHY for committing to changing your life. 
  • How to approach your health with grace and to build long term habits not restriction mindset and “all or nothing beliefs”
  • ​8 journal prompts to get clear on intentions
  • ​Tips for how to be successful in this course to get the most out of your time/ money/ energy investmenT


What is a healthy cycle? We’re going to get super clear on what a healthy cycle is, understanding ovulation, and discuss the ins-and-outs of period health. We’ve learned to dread our periods and curse mother nature, but in this module you’ll shift that thinking and replace that dread with excitement (yes, really!) about your cycle and a newfound connection to your body.
  • The gut-hormone connection - explaining why this is a gut health program and that’s what makes it a period health program
  • 4 meditations for each phase of the cycle
  • Period Health 101 to understand the foundations of your cycle
  • ​Creating a period routine that gets you excited about bleeding


You’ve probably googled the heck out of how to eat to fix your cramps, heal your acne, have long healthy hair, etc and you’ve also probably gotten about 3487746312323 different answers from people who swear their diet is the answer. Instead of overwhelming you with a diet that leaves you feeling restricted and frustrated, you’re given a nutrition protocol designed to guide you with how to eat in a way that works for your body and your lifestyle.
  • The highly coveted hormone bootcamp nutrition protocol
  • ​Reading nutrition labels
  • Healthy poops
  • My 10+ page guide to supplements


One of our most important hormones is the stress hormone, cortisol. Stress management is essential to having healthier periods. I know that stress management is much easier said than done, so in this module you will be given multiple tools ranging from things like better sleep to self-pleasure that you can implement today to help get those stress levels down.
  • The role of thyroid in overall cycle wellness
  • Stress management (actually FUN and not a chore)


Now that we've learned about our physical and emotional health, it is time to dig into the sexual and spiritual aka the woo baby! This module is dedicated to understanding your sacral chakra, feminine play, libido, and pleasure.
  • Tapping into feminine energy + exercises to do so
  • Jumpstarting your libido 
**While the core modules of Hormone Bootcamp focus on overall hormone and gut support, you will also get access to protocols and tools that are specific to: Thyroid Health, Acne, and Pregnancy Prep**

Symptoms clients have successfully addressed because of the material taught in Hormone Bootcamp:

- Amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation)
- Anovulation (the absence of ovulation)
- Anxiety
- Bacterial vaginosis
- Bloating
- Brain fog
- Clotting, 
- Confidence issues (low self-confidence and/or low body confidence)
- Confusion about your cycle, 
- Constipation
- Cystic acne
- Diarrhea
- Difficulty getting aroused
- Difficulty getting pregnant,
- Difficulty staying aroused
- Digestive discomfort/ problems
- Disconnect from body
- Dry during sex
- Endometriosis
- Fatigue
- Greasy hair
- Hair loss
- Headaches
- Heavy bleeding
- Hormonal acne
- Hot flashes, 
- Inconsistent periods
- Irregular periods
- Libido issues
- Long cycles (more than 35 days in between each period)
- Low sex drive
- Menstrual cramps
- Mid-cycle spotting
- Mood swings
- Painful periods
- Poor sleep
- Rashes
- Sadness
- Short cycles (less than 21 days in between each period), Sore boobs
- Symptoms of depression
- UTI’s
- Yeast infections

What my clients are saying

Beyond the bootcamp

You also get these bonuses:

  Hormone Happy Eats: This is my best-selling course created to help you overcome anxiety around eating, and teach you how to balance your plate so that you’re fueling your body AND supporting your hormones. 
 Symptom toolbox: How to address your symptoms with fun go-to’s and easy fixes for short term support
 Exclusive Workout Plan: Created by a past Period Bootcamp member and certified personal trainer 

Meet Your Coach

I’m Calee Shea
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Period & Pleasure Expert and host of the Get Cliterate podcast

My health journey began as a child with a suppressed immune system, eczema, and food allergies.
All of that felt manageable and in all honesty, I didn’t take it seriously until 2015, after hormonal birth control sent my body into a tailspin. 

I had lyme disease, painful periods, rashes, breakouts, inflammation, candida overgrowth, celiac disease and to top it all off---leaky gut.

**before/after photo**
I knew I had to totally revamp my diet, ditch all of the chemicals I was using on my body and in my home, and allow myself time to heal. 

And that was just the beginning of my healing journey.

Over the next 3 years, I learned how to manage my stress and figure out how to structure my lifestyle to support my body and health.
All of this led me to my passion for hormonal balance and sexual health. Because it feels really fucking sexy to be empowered with the knowledge to heal your own body.
Taking care of your body isn’t just about food and exercise, it’s also about how you live your life.
It’s about experiencing joy. It’s about your confidence, your connection to your feminine energy and knowing that you deserve to feel good in your body ALL MONTH LONG.

If you are ready to live in alignment with your body and ditch hormone problems for good...


What happened to Period Bootcamp?

It grew up to be THIS! We updated the name to Hormone Bootcamp to provide more clarity around what we're actually accomplishing inside of this program. There is also new/ updated material to ensure that you're getting the latest and greatest! If you previously enrolled in Period Bootcamp, you already have total access to Hormone Bootcamp and the HB Facebook Group.

How quickly will I see results?

A lot of my students see small wins within the first few weeks, but I am unapologetically honest when I tell you that true, long-term results take time. Healing is a marathon, not a sprint and what we do now impacts our cycle health in 100 days - so you need to be willing to show up consistently for 3-6 months +. This program is not a "30 day quick fix" because those don't work. Trust me, I wish they did but I would be doing you a disservice if I told you otherwise. This program is about sustainable lifestyle changes, and I recommend taking 3-4 months to implement the material

What if I need more support?

We have run this program many times and do feel really confident that this program is super comprehensive! There won’t be any live calls in this program because we've been able to address the most commonly asked questions and obstacles within the course material itself. Clients have consistently been able to succeed on their own and didn't need calls! But if you’re wanting extra support, you have the Facebook group and the option to do a private coaching call with me at a discount at any time if you want that extra 1:1 time

Is there anyone who shouldn't join this program?

This program isn’t for you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on hormonal birth control with no intention of getting off within the next 6 months.

Will this work for me?

While I can't guarantee results, I can say that every menstruator who has followed the program and shown up consistently has met their goals. This program is designed to work if you work it.

What is the time commitment?

The program content is a 5 week program, but it’s not about the time… it’s how committed you are in the next 3 - 4 months to yourself and your health journey.

Why does it take so long?

Simply said, it takes time for your body to make changes as you implement your new healthy habits.

What’s Hormone Happy Eats?

You will get lifetime access to my top-selling course: Hormone Happy Eats. It was created to help you overcome anxiety around eating, and teach you how to balance your plate so that you’re fueling your body AND supporting your hormones. Pairs perfectly with Hormone Bootcamp!

I want to do this but I'm a really picky eater…

I truly mean this so lovingly, but that's something you have to be open to working on. You are an adult and you are in charge of your own plate. The body thrives on balanced meals that consist of variety and limited meals or repetitive meals are a major contributor to inflammation. If you're here it is likely that your current habits aren't benefiting your health, so you get to decide what is more important to you right now. There's no wrong answer and no judgement, but picky eating is not something I cater to in this program

I'm vegan/ vegetarian so will the nutrition portion still work for me?

Yes! This program accommodates vegan/ vegetarian diets. 

I have a history of disordered eating, is this program okay for me to do?

We have had clients in this program who have a history of disordered eating and they've really thrived. With that being said, it is your job to determine if you're ready for something like this. We don't damn any foods around here, but we do reevaluate nutrition in a way that can best serve your goal of healthy hormones. I recommend working with a therapist or healthcare provider in conjunction with this course to ensure that you are feeling confident about the work you're doing.